Privacy Policy

Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies on our website. Using cookies is a system to collect information about the visitors on the website. Every step you make on the website is registered by the cookies. Every selection is also registered. Cookies also register you location, browser, demographics, sex, age. You choice preferences are also an interest of the cookies.

How Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies are part of the website and it collects information during your browsing. When you make a selection on the website it will be noted in the cookies. Your favorite pages will be stored as information about your browsing experience. All cookies information is gathered according to all LAWS, REGULATIONS and LEGISLATION.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect information regarding your preferred content in combination with other factors, such as your locations, demographics, language preferences, browser preferences.

What For Do We Collect This Information?

The cookies are designed to improve your browsing experience, and to make the website more useful to you according to your preferences and style. Cookies will make your browsing unique and different to the browsing of other visitors.

Can You Opt-Out From The Cookies And Information Collection?

You can opt-out from cookies information collection by browsing the website in incognito mode. This is an option in your browser settings. Disabling cookies will deactivate the information collection service and we will not be able to collect and store information about you and your browsing experience. This will affect you visit of the website. Each time you visit the website in incognito mode will be as if you are visiting it for first time.

We are very serious about children protection. We utilize the rules of COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protect Act). We do not collect information about minors and anyone with age 13 or under. No visitors under the age of 18 are allowed on this website.

Does This Website Link To Other Websites? has links to other website. We are not responsible for the content published on the other websites. All other websites have their own privacy policy that you need to investigate for yourself.
Our website is linked to from other websites. We do not have the same privacy policy as them, so you should be aware of that.