Companionship does not offer prostitutes. Our London escorts don’t sell their bodies and sex is a service that they do not offer. What they can offer you is companionship. They will make you forget about the loneliness and will accompany you everywhere that you want them to, but only if they feel safe.

Most of the websites that represent an escort services says the same thing, but at the end they are actually offering you a prostitute. Well here it is not working that way. If these are your intentions please leave our website and look somewhere else.

PleasureGirlsLondon escorts will come out on a date with you and accompany you wherever you ask them to. They will make you feel special and entertain you throughout the night. But you have to make them feel comfortable and be gentle. Don’t ask them for sex, blowjob or happy ending massage, because this will be the end of your date if you will.

If you want them to treat you well, with respect and, to be nice and tender you will have to work for that too. The London escorts from our website will come to the arranged date and be your companionship with positive attitude. Have you heard the expression “I will treat you the way you treat me!”? Well, our escorts, who providing companionship will be led by the motto “Treat others the way you want to be treated!” Which means, they will be nice and tender and all that, but you will have to respect them and just be gentle. Otherwise they may lose their put an end to your date.

What do you need companionship for?

Lest see few different scenarios of companionship so that you can make the picture what we offer. If you don’t see you case in here, just imagine it and call us on 02037452036 to discuss it. We can probably work it out somehow.

Scenario One: Classic Companionship

There is a man, who feels lonely at home. He is tired and just wants or needs to talk to someone. He has friends, but he is just tired of being with them. Sometimes you can’t tell them everything. And he is meeting them often, so that puts his life in the same rotation every day after day. And on top of that, his friends are men, so they can’t give him the tenderness that every man needs sometimes. So in that case he just needs a woman for companionship. He calls us and we will send him a nice and sexy London escort to his house. They can then have some chat, have few drinks, watch TV. She will just listen, understand and sympathize. Much, like a good looking psychiatrist, but she will also cheer him up with her smile and positive attitude. That’s an example of classic companionship with one of our cheap London escorts.

Scenario Two: Date Companionship

The man is similar to the one from the first scenario, with the difference that this one wants to go out. He doesn’t want to spend the night home. He wants to go in some restaurant, have a proper dinner with few classes of wine and then maybe to a late night bar, where he wants to have few more drinks and maybe to dance. But he won’t do that by himself, his friends are busy – one is married, the other one even have children, the third one, the bachelor type is out of town. So, that leaves him staying home or calls us for London escorts. Our girl will meet him and escort him to all these places. He will have a companionship while doing all he want in that night. And on top of that she will talk and have fun with him, not just supervising him doing it all.

Scenario Three: Escort Companionship

The man is single and is invited to some kind of party, a wedding, a school reunion or to the office Christmas party. He has no girlfriend to take with him to the event and feels uncomfortable to go there by himself. And especially when he knows that everybody else will be with their partner. That will make him feel different in a bad way and we don’t want that. So with just a single call we from PleasureGirlsLondon will find him a great companionship. A sexy and smart escort, dressed with the appropriate outfit for the event. She will accompany him and make him company, but also pretend to be his girlfriend, which will make everybody around jealous.

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